Simply answer Dottie’s questions

I’m more than thankful being nominated twice  by  lovely  dottiedaniels . ❤ I got nominated by  her for the Liebster Award this time.  However, I was nominated for the same award before and hence I’m not going to do the whole thing again. I’ll just simply answer her questions.

My answers to the 5 questions she asked:

1. Who is your favorite person (living or deceased)? As mentioned in the previous post “No regrets”  , my grandma is a fearless person who I always look up to. She has inspired me in so many ways and of course she is my favorite person. ❤

2. What is your favorite subject to write about? Life experiences.

3. What is your favorite place in the world? Porto (Portugal) even though I’ve never traveled to before. I know I’ll love it since it is a place where it is always associated with vibrant colors which I’m always a big fan of. 🙂

4. What was your favorite toy when you were little? Teddy bear.

5. What was the last song you heard? “Set Fire To The Rain” by Adele (she is an amazing singer) ❤

Have a beautiful day everyone! 😉

With love,

xoxoxoxoxo Khloe


16 thoughts on “Simply answer Dottie’s questions

  1. I am new to Adele actually. Lol. When she first launched onto the scene, I dud pay her music any mind. She is definitely a great singer. Her record sale history is incredibly amazing. 21 sold 30 million copies worldwide, standing on top of the charts for 20+ weeks in the UK and the US. I have a blog concept that I started with her in mind months ago, but should revisit it seems. Congratulations on your nomination.

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  2. Thanks for answering! 🙂 It’s great to know random things about people. You and I both love our Grandmas and held on tightly to those teddy bears when we were little! Adele and Sam Smith sing in a way that gives me goosebumps and relays my feelings about love and life intertwined! Rock on!

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    1. You’re welcome Dottie! 🙂 Oh wow! It’s really good to know we are pretty similar. Wish I could visit you one day so that we could hang out together! 😉 Yea, they both have an amazing voice which also gives me goosebumps ❤

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      1. Aww thanks! If I get where I have the time to host people- you’re on my list! 🙂 I’ve met a lot of wonderful people here on WP, including you- it’d be a great day whenever I’d see you all in person!

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