My recent trip to Thailand

DSCF9806 faburlifekhloe

I took a trip to Khao Lak (Thailand) few weeks ago.  I’ve been to Thailand twice before, but I’ve never been to Khao Lak. Khao Lak is just an hour something away from the famous location Phuket. After landing, I couldn’t wait to get into the car and go straight to the resort. However, it took me more than an hour to clear the customs before I could step out the airport. Poor driver who picked me up from the airport has waited me for a long time and he could still greet me with a nice smile. 🙂

I couldn’t believe what I saw from the lobby, the pools and everything when I reached the resort. It looked even prettier than what I saw from the website. Everything at the resort was nicely designed with a relaxing vibe. ❤ All the rooms closer to the main pool were pretty much in family style. The other side of the resort was full of villas which were much more laid-back in style. The villa I stayed at  was absolutely stunning. 😉 The interior design was modern without losing its relaxing vibe. Whenever I was in the villa, I just felt like sleeping. I guess it was all because of its comfortable low platform bed. A lot of time I was struggling to decide whether I should go outside or keep hugging my comfy bed. 😀

2014-10-25-19-17-05 faburlifekhloe 2014-10-27-12-08-23 faburlifekhloe   2014-10-25-17-46-39 faburlifekhloe

Obviously, I still chose to go outside to explore here and there not to waste a wonderful opportunity to see all the beautiful things around. I discovered a beach with gorgeous sunset was just few minutes away from my villa.  There were few restaurants near the beach and it was where I loved to have my lunch and dinner. The most amazing thing having my meals there was to see how the color of the sunset changed. It changed everyday (from reddish to orangey, from orangey to yellowish, sometimes purplish with a hint of blue and sometimes a mix of all these colors). It was like an art gallery on live. Apart from that, I also loved to observe how Thai live their lives while enjoying my meals. They are incredibly polite. 🙂 They always have a nice  smile greeting others with “Sawasdeeka” (means “Hello” in English) whether they are stranger to them or not. They are very laid-back and live a simple life. Majority of them don’t stress too much about money, but to focus more on happiness. The food there was pretty decent. If you ever have time traveling to Thailand, I would highly recommend their fried stuff. Their pineapple and banana fritters were what I enjoyed the most. They were very crispy, but not oily at all. Moreover, they were not overly sweet and heavy. 😛

DSCF9363 faburlifekhloe 2014-10-27-14-10-55 faburlifekhloeDSCF0049 faburlifekhloe DSCF9937 faburlifekhloe

After few days of relaxing at the resort and a day of shopping at Khao Lak Centre, I decided to explore Tachai Island. Tachai Island is a relatively new tourist spot for snorkelers and scuba divers in the world famous Similan Islands. Before I joined the local tour for this trip, I thought I would only go there to sunbathe. I never thought I would go for snorkeling because I seriously can’t swim. However, this trip has completely changed my mind about snorkeling. Everyone was wearing their life jacket and ready for snorkeling once the speed boat reached the middle of the sea. They jumped into the sea one by one when I was still struggling to decided whether staying on the speed boat. Eventually, I made one of the bravest decision of my life was to wear the life jacket and try snorkeling. I tried my best to swim properly in the sea, but I kept rolling like I was put into the washing machine. 😦 The tour guide had to send a swimming expert to help me at the end. Honestly, I couldn’t be more thankful to have him to help me with snorkeling. 🙂 If he wasn’t there to help me, I wouldn’t be able to snorkel. He gave me an extra life jacket to hold on so that I could stay balanced. Then, he kept pulling the life jacket from the other side to lead me to different spots in order to see the sea corals. During that 40 minutes of snorkeling, he used only one hand to pull my life jacket and the other for swimming. Whenever he saw beautiful fishes and sea corals, he would instantly ask me to look down to see how beautiful they were. ❤ Whenever he saw water going in my mask, he would help me clear it. Although I’ve never snorkeled before, I knew how difficult it was to do all of these things in the middle of the sea.

 DSCF9747 faburlifekhloe

After the snorkeling session, we all headed to the beach to relax. The moment I stepped on the sand, I could feel how soft and powdery the sand was. It was nothing, but a soft cushion wrapping around my feet.  Need not to mention, the water was incredibly clear. The spectacular view from the beach was completely surreal.  I felt like I was living in a calendar printed with a gorgeous beach. No wonder the Island is often referred to as the Maldives of Thailand. ❤ 🙂

 DSCF9917 faburlifekhloe DSCF9818 faburlifekhloe

To summarize my entire trip, It was truly an amazing trip. The resort itself was impressive. I couldn’t find anything to complain from its design to facilities. I could stay at the resort my whole trip without getting bored. Everyone I met during my trip was very polite whether they were complete strangers on the street or serving me at the resort and restaurants. Their willingness of greeting others not only impressed me, but also brightened up my day. Obviously, the trip to Tachai Island was the highlight of my trip. ❤ I was beyond blessed to be taken special care by the swimming expert. I wouldn’t know how beautiful the view from underwater could be if he wasn’t there to help me. As a person who can’t swim, I’ve never dreamed to see that view.  Honestly, the clear water and white sand at the beach had blown my mind away. I never thought the actual view could be this vivid and stunning. It looked way better than what I’ve seen from TV, magazines or promotional leaflets. 🙂 After this trip, I learned to appreciate the nature more. With all the digital gadgets we have now, we often forget how wonderful the nature is. Nowadays, I love to look up to the sky and take a moment to appreciate the nature and what I have. 😉

I wonder if there are some beautiful places you would like to recommend. What do you like the most from the place/ places you recommended? Please feel free to let me know in the comment session.

With love,

xoxoxoxo Khloe

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37 thoughts on “My recent trip to Thailand

  1. First thing,Thank you Fabur for sharing this exotic experience…Second thing and all after it, Oh My God !!! Its a paradise ❤ You literally took me to a vacation with your words and pictures… The sunsets are mesmerizing ! I loved them and loved them and loved them ! And you look so gorgeous in green attire against blue,white background … I loved the bed,on the lap of luxury,mmmm getting sleepy already 😛

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    1. You’re welcome Ady 🙂 It’s my pleasure to share with all of you ❤ Yea, It is paradise where I don't even believe how beautiful it is. haha glad to know my words and pictures took you to a vacation. It's definitely a huge compliment to me 😉 Oh yea, the sunsets are amazing!!! I was speechless every single time I looked at the sunsets there. Aww how sweet you are! ❤ I love that green attire. It was actually a big scarf which I used it as a cover-up since I wore bikini underneath. Yea, that bed was beyond comfortable. I couldn't easily get myself out of the villa because of it lol 😀

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  2. Julia Manuel

    Ady pretty much summed up my comments for me lol! Seriously. Paradise. I’m not surprised you had trouble deciding whether to go out or stay in that gorgeous room!! And your photos are spectacular. Seriously. I’ve always wanted to travel there but now I’m decided ~ we’re doing it! I’m so proud of you for “diving in” to the sea…even with a life jacket my hubby wouldn’t (phobia) he can’t swim either…but you did it & experienced what many never will undersea life. Well written, beautifully captured your continuing romance with Thailand ☺ many thanks for sharing here with us. Love, jules

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Glad you enjoyed this post and my photos! 🙂 Ady and you are very sweet to me honestly!!! I’m so blessed to have you both as my readers. ❤ haha yea, it was a tough decision to make everyday when I was in Thailand. Good to know you are now deciding to go to Thailand. You will find it very exotic and beautiful for sure. haha I actually have that phobia as well, but I told myself to do it as there was no point of wasting a great opportunity to explore the beauty of undersea life. Thanks again for your kind words Julia! It really made my day! ❤ definitely my pleasure to share with you all. 🙂 Take care!

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    1. Thank you for stopping by to leave me a comment! 🙂 haha yea, I had a wonderful time in Thailand. You’re right. It was way too comfy that hardly I could get myself out of the room lol. Have a great day! 😉


  3. These pictures were soooo amazing!!! Somehow reminded me of home and yet looks like another paradise!!! You should put Bonaire and Aruba on your Bucket list!! More paradise to see. And you are so gorgeous also!!!!! So glad your experience was fenominal!!!! By the way… you may have noticed that I gave my site a make-over. Changed my username and gravatar picture, but this is Lisette. My theme remains the same though… sharing on how to hear the voice of God and my own experiences with The Lover Of My Soul.


    1. Thank you for your kind words! (blushing) 🙂 Good idea! I should definitely put Bonaire and Aruba on my bucket list!!! 😉 Aww you are gorgeous as well Lisette!!! ❤ Yea, I noticed the make-over you did for your website and it looks fantastic 🙂 I'm loving it!!! Have a great day! ❤


  4. You captured the location well. It takes you into the vacation, as opposed to you looking from the outside in. Stunning is a word that comes to mind. The sunset is one of the aspects I like to focus on, whenever we travel. The description of the changing hues would be a beautiful sight indeed. There are so many places I would recommend, but Boracay is definitely one of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much for your suggestion and kind words! 🙂 Boracay looks like another paradise with beautiful beaches. It will be on my bucket list for sure. 😉 Good taste, sunset is always something people feel attracted the most. ❤ It's really hard to resist looking at it. 😉


  5. Well Thailand what a rush. I am going to Jamaica for Christmas, if the pictures you took are anything like you are posting I can’t wait. It was nice to see the yoga thing. I’ve been doing reika for the past 10 yrs. Or so it has made such a difference in my life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much for stopping by to leave me a comment Sheldon! 🙂 Cool, you are going to Jamaica for Christmas! 😉 Take more photos and share with us if you can. Not all the places in Thailand are that pretty, but the places I’ve been to this time are as pretty as you can see from my photos. 🙂 Wow! Doing reika for the past 10 years. I’m sure it is life changing. 😉 Maybe I should try. 🙂


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