Day 2 – 5 Day Black & White/ Monochrome Photo Challenge

Kangaroo 1

Many of you have been following me for a while should know I’m a cat lover. I wouldn’t say I’m a crazy cat lady, but I definitely love cat. Sometimes I tend to treat other animals like the way I treat my cats which I love tickling them for real (my bad) 😀 For some reasons, I reacted the same when I saw the kangaroo in the picture which I seriously wanted to tickle him. However, my inner voice stopped me from doing so as I knew how harmful it could be if I were being kicked by him 😛 😛 😛

I’m curious to know any of you who tend to treat other animals like the way you treat your pet/ pets.


44 thoughts on “Day 2 – 5 Day Black & White/ Monochrome Photo Challenge

  1. Our gorgeous dog is part of our family. She is an inside dog and gets walked once a day. She has access to the yard however, after her little stroll she comes in and finds one of her favourite spots. We adopted her when she was a year old and she is now almost 12. Her name is Jazzy. She loves having her tummy scratched. 🙂 🙂 :)<3

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      1. Thank you Khloe. However, I didn’t answer your question about how I feel and treat other animals. To give you insight into a little about me I pick up spiders that are in my home. In saying that, its usually with a plastic container and lid. Once they are safely in the container, I release them in my garden. In a nutshell I respect all animals and treat them fairly. 🙂 ❤

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      2. You’re welcome as always Milanka 🙂 Wow you seriously have a kind heart! I know not everyone can do what you do. I totally respect the way you treat all animals fairly 😉 Have a lovely day! xoxo Khloe ❤


  2. The picture is so sweet and I can see why you might have wanted to tickle him. But kangaroos do have that dangerous habit of kicking out. Ouch …! I’m so glad you only ‘thought’ about it, Khloe. We have no pets now since our last two died (cats) at the age of twenty two. I miss them a lot. We had pets of every description when all our children were still at home. We like to go away a lot nowadays, so it wouldn’t be fair to have pets any more. 🙂

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    1. Aww thank you so so much for your sweet words Millie ❤ haha better just to think than to get injuried i'm sure 😛 I know how it feels to lose your pets especially after having them for such a long time. It's hard to accpet it, but somehow have to face it and make it as a part of good memories. I appreciate how responsible you are when it comes to having pets. 😉 You know you go away a lot nowadays and will not have pets for that reason. I know not many people can do that.

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      1. Our cats were dreadful if we left them in a Cattery while we went away, Khloe. One of them, the female, used to be in a real depression for days after we got back. I hated leaving them, so I wouldn’t have pets now. 🙂

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    1. That pic was taken few years back actually 😛 I used to study there for a while and I couldn’t believe I didn’t even visit Featherdale Wildlife Park for once until my mum came attend my master graduation ceremony 😛 Really? I didn’t know know you like Sydney. How many times have you visited Sydney? 😉

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  3. Glad you did not tickle the kangaroo. They can injure you. Cats love your tickling. Animals like cats and dogs too😊
    My Garfield is inanimate but I imagine it likes a tickle too. Your cats are lucky to have your love☺

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      1. haha yea 🙂 I love to see them being relaxed and walk around my legs whenever I get home 😛 Yes, they do meow like crazy even during midnight sometimes 😀 cozy up to my legs is what I like the most 😉 ❤

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