Update – Health Issues

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I thought I would keep everything on the down low, but I guess it’s time to tell you what happened to me since many of you wondered why I haven’t been blogging for 2 months.

I was busy at first and hence I put blogging aside. However, I started to notice my sleeping patterns getting worse than ever. I thought it wasn’t a major issue as I always have poor sleeping patterns. You know when you can’t sleep well, you will find it hard to concentrate on whatever you do. The same happened to me and the worst part was my body started aching. I also noticed that there were some weird bumps spreading all over my face, which wasn’t normal to me as I always have clear skin and I rarely have acne. Even if I have, I will only have a few. After seeing my doctor, I finally came to know I have Anemia.

I know I have to focus on my health first before I can blog and check your blog again. Please let me thank you for being patient and supportive. I would like to wish you all good health and lasting prosperity as Chinese New Year is approaching. Wish you good luck in the year of the Monkey. ❤

One last wish is please don’t worry about me! The time when I’m back at blogging, I will be as healthy as the one you can see from my yoga photo. 😉

With love,

xoxoxo Khloe