A Relaxing Day With My Sleeping Bear

Many of you know I’m a big fan of art and yoga, but quite a lot of you might not know I’m a cat lover. I have 12 cats at home. I call them my best friends. I love talking to them whether I’m happy or not. They simply make me happy even they are not doing much to impress me 🙂 . I also find it very relaxing to watch their movements (e.g. yawning, smiling, playing, eating, running, etc). I always wanted to take pictures of them, but they just ran away right before I take a snap. Finally, I captured one of my favourite cats “Big Bear Bear” when he was sleeping. 😛

IMG_3397He was sleeping like a baby when I was trying to take his pictures secretly. Shhh…I was trying to do it as quiet as I could. Otherwise, he will run away like what other cats did to me.



What a fail! 😦 I got caught by him on the spot!!! He was giving that look to tell me not to take his pictures anymore.


IMG_3399When he knew giving me that look wasn’t good enough to scare me away, he was trying his best to come up and walk away from me. But he was way too tired to do so…couldn’t even open his eyes lol 😛



Instead of walking away, he just wanted to yawn so badly…




Fell back into a deep sleep immediately lol 😀 😀 😀 That was sleeping bear 😛


Let me know what you find it relaxing to do in your spare time all my beautiful souls. 🙂


With love,

xoxoxoxoxo Khloe ❤