More Than Just My Birthday

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I know very well not everyone take his or her birthday seriously, but I’m quite the opposite. Birthday has always been a big thing to me. It is not only my birthday, but also a day to appreciate my parents bringing me to this beautiful world. Obviously, it is not the only day I appreciate it but it just has a special meaning.

I celebrate my birthday each year as usual, but somehow I just wanted to make it extra special last year and thus I decided blogging. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I got to know all of you my amazing friends who give me love and support through ups and downs of my life. Taking your time to read, comment, like, and even send me personal emails. I know it can be very time-consuming, but none of you never stopped doing so because of that. Your support has been my greatest motivation to keep doing what I am doing. This has been an amazing journey for me. It allows me to connect with you through art, photography, and stories. Most importantly, it allows me to stay true to who I am.

Although it is my birthday today, it is no longer my birthday. I would like to make it our birthday as to thank each of you (my fellow bloggers and Instagram friends) for all your love and support.

Let’s get the birthday celebration started!!! 😉 Shall we?

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My mum started celebrating my birthday by giving me “red eggs” and red pockets for a few years already. It is a very traditional way to celebrate birthday in Chinese culture. She usually places it in front of my room door so that I can feel the joy of it early in the morning. As we are celebrating our birthday together, please come and take a bite. Don’t forget to take your red pockets! 😉

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The best part of the traditional birthday celebration this year is the birthday note my mum left me. “Wish you (piggy younger sister) a happy birthday and a good health!”, written by piggy mama. I always call my mum piggy mama, but never thought she would take it seriously. How cute she is!!! 🙂

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Well, it’s my birthday so how can I not to treat myself with a nice birthday gift especially when I haven’t created any digital art pieces for a long time?!?!?

I would like to stick to the birthday theme “red” and thus the art piece I created was mainly covered with a red color. Also, the color of red often symbolizes luck and joy in our culture. I think it’s perfect to wish myself/you a wonderful year with good luck and joy. What makes even more special was the original photo itself. It was taken during my Porto trip, which I see it as a trip of “dream comes true”. Using this particular photo as a base for creating this digital art is to advocate the positive thoughts of “dreams can always come true”.  With me looking up to intensify the meaning behind the art – hope is always around.  All these positive meanings were well blended in this art will sure make this year filled with dreams, hope and happiness.

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Apart from birthday gift and celebration, I think it would be awesome to show you how I looked like as a baby. I don’t mind to share it, but please make a promise to me not to laugh at how chubby I was. 😀 I always ask my mum what she had when she was having me in her belly to make me this chubby. I looked more like a ball than a baby seriously lol. 😛

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I was not only  a chubby ball, but also  a happy baby. I kept eating, laughing and sleeping most of the time.

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I told you that birthday is a big thing to me (to my family and relatives also). Look how excited we were when blowing out all the candles before sharing the birthday cake!

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From left to right – my elder brother, elder cousin brother, younger cousin brother, me

Not only did we like to celebrate birthday together, but we also liked going to the park together. Let me tell you a secret (shh…please don’t tell anyone). I saw my younger cousin brother as my future husband while he saw me as his future wife at that time.  Obviously, the dream has remained as a dream. He is already happily married.

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Wish us a wonderful birthday! 🙂 🙂 🙂

*Sorry for not making this post as cohesive as I can, but I was way too happy and I had no idea what I was doing lol! But well, one thing for sure I would like to give you a big thumb up for being my amazing friends!!! ❤


No regrets

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As an adult, we have countless responsibilities either from personal life or at work. Sometimes, we wish we could rewind the time back to our childhood and thus we would be back to the world with minimal responsibilities. I was one of them who had the same thoughts, especially when looking at this photo. It took me back to the time when my parents took me to different places to have fun almost every weekend. As my parents didn’t care my grades much, so I basically didn’t study much. I was just having fun every single day. I wasn’t scared of anything also even I got terribly burnt by boiling water when I was around 4 years old. It left an obvious scar on my left face. Everyone in family was really worried at that time and even sought for an advice from a doctor if I could proceed to have a plastic surgery to cover my scar. The doctor didn’t recommend it at all since I was too young to do so. I’m glad the scar has been fading pretty well year after year and it’s not very visible now. 😉  This drama didn’t stop me from trying anything. However, majority of us learn to protect ourselves more as we grow. We start to be scared or worried if we haven’t done things perfectly. We are basically scared of facing failure. Therefore, we are unable to live freely and often wish to go back to childhood. It looks like we want to escape from the reality.

Such thoughts of mine has completely disappeared when I was looking at my grandma one day. She is  currently 91 years old. She looks much younger compared to those at the same age. She is always full of energy and still shouts at my cats loudly when they get naughty. I can’t recall a time when she is scared of something. I remember back when she was close 80 years old and still wanted to take a roller coaster ride. Obviously, we stopped her from doing that and I  asked her why she was always excited for thrill rides. She told me that there was no thrill rides when she was younger and we only live once in our lives. Hence, she wishes to try as many thrill rides as she could. Her bold and fearless attitude got me thinking the escape from reality is not necessary. The only matter is your perspective and attitude towards reality. No matter the end result is good or not,  there is no harm in trying. At least we have no regrets in the end. 🙂

Stay motivated and positive ❤ ,

xoxoxoxo Khloe

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