Reconnecting With My Birth Story – The Meaningful Dragon

I thank my mom for making Mid-Autumn Festival an extra special day for me. A day she wasn’t worried about how heavily pregnant she was to go out and celebrate the wonderful festival with her loving husband and her little princess right inside her tummy. A day she wasn’t worried about the troubles that may cause her if I decided to see the world on that day. All she wanted was to show me her love by taking me on an adventure to enjoy the spirits of the festival.

The curiosity of seeing what she saw on that day has been haunting me for a long time, but I never take the time to go out and enjoy the spirits of it until this year.


I was trying to keep my expectation as low as possible, but the beautiful lights from Chinese wreath kept me thinking what would happen as I explored.

IMG_0815 v1

IMG_0918 1 v1

Drum rolling perked up an exciting ambiance while keeping me awake from dreaming too much. Performers all started to entertain us by holding festive lanterns one by one.


IMG_0930 v1

IMG_0929 v1

Fire Dragon Dance finally began after much anticipation. The smoke from the Dragon permeated the place while a thousand of people cheered the performance. Photographers ran up and down to capture the perfect moment. The place became much more chaotic than usual, but nothing could stop me from connecting with the Dragon. The Dragon that I saw as my mom – a powerful woman who lights up my life with laughter, love and kindness…whose Chinese horoscope happened to be a powerful Dragon as well…

The dance was short but memorable. People might forget it after some time, but the feelings of it kept growing on me.


The smell of the smoke, the image of the dragon and the noise of cheering never seemed to fade away until I saw chains of festive lights shining in the darkness. A moment reminded me of the magic of the Universe. There are billions of people in the world, but I was long destined to be the daughter of my loving parents.



DSCF3825 v1

Exploring the place with how proud I was to be their daughter made my adventure truly special. I didn’t know if it was coincidence. The place was somehow decorated with a traditional theme to make me feel as if I traveled back in time when I was still rolling inside my mom’s tummy. Neon signboards with some names that could only be seen back in the day and lanterns designed in a traditional way were presented in front of me all at once. Such a scene added a delighting note to my beautiful memories.


I thought the delighting scene already wrapped up my night beautifully, but a joyous moment came in suddenly when I saw lion dance lanterns. It was colorful and moving that seemed to celebrate my birth.


It was also a moment when I seemed to see my mom smiling and crying happily. Holding a fragile little me gently in her arms without forgetting to act as a powerful dragon to protect me from day 1 until now.

*Post note: You all know I already shared my birthday post here on WordPress. Mid-Autumn Festival is actually my lunar birthday. Although I rarely celebrate it, I think it would be amazing to dedicate this post to my parents especially my mom.


Unexpectedly Festive

I couldn’t believe I actually went out and celebrated Lantern Festival yesterday as I didn’t like any crowded places. I was very surprised that it wasn’t as crowded as I imagined and it was way more festive than I thought it would be. I felt like having a dream when I was surrounded by all these stunning lanterns. ❀ I guess I shouldn’t talk too much and let you enjoy its beauty. πŸ˜›















Apart from the lanterns, there was an amazing 3D light show also. Look at the pictures down below πŸ˜‰



Hope you enjoy this post! πŸ™‚ So sorry that some pictures were looking pretty ugly as it was raining yesterday and I didn’t have a DSLR camera to take pictures with. πŸ˜›




Happy Lantern Festival


Today is the 15th of Chinese New Year (CYN) and last day of celebrating CYN. This is the day we celebrate Lantern Festival starting the day with dragon and lion dancing. Later in the evening, many colourful lanterns will be lit as a part of celebration and riddles will also written on some of the lanterns traditionally.

Image courtesy:
Image courtesy:×600.html

Few days ago, I found a shopping mall in Hong Kong actually took the traditional concept to spice up the mall by displaying electricΒ lanterns with riddles on them. I immediately took some quick snaps for you all to enjoy. I think it would be fun if you could try solving the riddles. πŸ˜‰


1.Β 217

2.Β 218

Β 3.Β 216

Although it is Lantern Festival today, some consider this special day as Chinese Valentine’s Day because of the romantic vibes given by the beautiful lanterns.

Obviously, we can’t end the day without eating something sweet. We eat glutinous rice balls to symbolize having unity and harmony in family while enjoying the stunning full moon.

Glutinous rice balls

Happy Lantern Festival/ Chinese Valentine’s Day all my lovely friends! ❀

*Answers will be posted next week. Stay tuned for that πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday To You All!!!

Orchids A

According to Chinese genesis, today (the 7th day of Chinese New Year) is the day when humans were created πŸ™‚ . Believe it or not, I think it’s super duper cool to have a common day for everyone’s birthday.Β As you know our family received orchids as a gift for Chinese New Year, I think it’s awesome to share close-up pictures of the orchids with you today as a gift to celebrate this special day for all of us πŸ˜‰ . Hope you like it! ❀





I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come!Β Happy Birthday! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

With love,

xoxoxoxo Khloe ❀

Happy Lunar New Year



Gung Hei Fat Choy! (It means “Best wishes and Congratulations! Have a prosperous and good year!”) πŸ™‚ My health finally got better on the first day of Chinese New Year, yay! πŸ˜€ Thank you all for being extra sweet and nice to send me all the speedy recovery messages! You guys are definitely my homie and love muahzZz >3< Here I am wishing you a Happy Lunar New Year whether you are Chinese or not!Β May the bold Chinese New Year firecracker scare away the bad luck and welcome the good luck all through the year! πŸ˜›

When I was a kid, I didn’t really like celebrating Chinese New Year. I needed to visit some relatives I rarely see and they loved to pitch my chubby cheeks before giving me red pockets. 😦 However, it’s a completely different story after becoming an adult. I got to appreciate every single tradition we have during this festive and colorful festival. It’s a tradition to put beautiful flowers as a part of decorations at home during Chinese New Year. I love to make a guess on what the orchids look like each Chinese New Year before we receive it from one of the most famous gardener in Hong Kong. He is as generous as usual sending us a gigantic and super gorgeous orchids this year. It instantly delights my entire house once we places it in our living room. ❀ It is so uplifting to look at its vibrant colors and I hope it uplifts you all as well. πŸ˜‰


After from looking at the beautiful orchids, we eat glutinous rice balls on the first day of Chinese New Year (meaning to have harmony and unity within our family). There are many different fillings we can choose, but I like black sesame and peanut butter flavours the most. I usually have one with black sesame fillings and two glutinous rice balls with peanut butter fillings. It seriously tastes delicious!!! Do you want to have some? πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›



Eating glutinous rice balls is just the beginning, we have various snacks for visitors to eat (showing you some here…obviously we do munch them also lol :P). I love eating prawn crackers made by my sister-in-law’s mother, but better eat in moderation (just don’t want have sore throat and gain so much weight…Actually, I don’t want to be fat like a ball and roll round lol πŸ˜€ ).


Speaking of Chinese New Year, how can I not mention what signify this festival the most – red pockets :D. Who doesn’t love them? Extra money goes straight to your pockets πŸ˜€


Whether you celebrate this festive or not, I hope you feel the festive spirits from my post. May peace and love fill your heart, beauty fill your world, and contentment and joy fill your days! πŸ™‚

With love,

xoxoxo Khloe ❀

Versatile Blogger Award


Β I am beyond blessed and honored to be nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Millie and Sheldon. They are always here to give me love and continuous support. Their kindness has got me tore up sometimes (sorry for being so emotional πŸ˜› ). Millie is a talented author who has written two amazing books already and now working on her book 3. Her writing skills always amaze me and I totally appreciate how creative she is when it comes to writing. Sheldon is a brilliant artist who got accepted into a show called “The Black Tie” which showcases B&W pieces in Pennsylvania on 2nd February (it’s today according to HK time).Β  He has written a lot of poems on his blog also. Massive thanks to both of you my dear friends! πŸ™‚

So here are the Versatile Bloggers Award rules:

  1. Show the award on your blog.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 blogs.
  5. Link your nominee’s blogs & let them know. You can click on each one mentioned to get to their blogs.

Here are seven facts about myself (hope you don’t find some of them too weird for you :P) :

1. I love colorful highlighters. The way I used highlighters actually scared my classmates away. People usually highlight what is important, but I like to highlight almost every single paragraph using different colored highlighters πŸ˜€ . Those bright colorful colors cheer me up and make my textbooks less boring. πŸ˜›

2. My entire family and even some of my relatives don’t call my name or nickname. They call me “younger sister” for some reason whether they are older or younger than me.

3. You all know my English name “Khloe”, but my previous English was “Candy” actually. I was asked to have an English name by my English teacher when I was 7 years old. I had no idea which English name I should select since my parents didn’t give me one. All of the sudden, I thought “Candy” would suit me the best because I loved to have candies a lot (you know kids lol :P). Slowly and slowly, this kid has all grown up and her love for candies has faded away. Also, I got really sick when there were always few Candy(s) sitting in the class…English class, Business class, yoga class, etc…We Candy(s) seriously had no idea which Candy(s) the teacher was calling. It was the time when I started thinking to change my name. I basically wanted to have a name with great meanings. Then, I selected “Khloe” instead of all the fancy names I’ve seen.

Photo source:
Photo source:

4. I hate Math. I don’t usually like to use the word “hate” as it sounds pretty negative to me. However, Math is something which drives me nuts and there is no better word than “hate” can describe how much I hate it. I try to avoid Math as much as I can . Remember back when I had to study Finance and Accounting as part of my Business degree course and those days were a complete nightmare to me. It was like fighting with enemies each time I studied both of these subjects. Right after I finished the degree, I swore to myself not to choose anything related to Math when it comes to studying. I kept that promise well and I gave up on studying Master of Marketing (probably the course I was most passionate about) because I knew I would have to study Accounting as part of the course. Eventually, I chose to study Master of Business in Management instead. Honestly, I never thought I would love it that much and it could be that interesting. It turned out to be Β a big surprise to me! πŸ˜€

5. I do crave for having a sandwich as my lunch sometimes, but I try to avoid it because it doesn’t really fill me up :P. When I was studying, I loved to have subway from time to time. I usually ordered a 6-inch toasted tuna sub with regular cheese, but always ended up ordering another 6-inch sub for myself because I felt like I had nothing in my stomach right after having one 6-inch sub only πŸ˜€ .

Photo source:
Photo source:

6. I love tattoos, but I don’t have any tattoos on myself as I change my mind a lot. I actually love seeing people with tattoos, especially those wording tattoos with great meanings behind and beautiful fonts. I see this type of tattoos as a piece of art with a great story behind it and I find them very fascinating. However, I don’t fancy seeing people with a lot of tattoos on…few tattoos are acceptable to me. πŸ™‚

7. I love to touch preggo belly. I know it might sound very weird, but I seriously love to do it. I find it very magical to touch preggo belly because I feel the love between the mother and the baby.

Once again, I’m going to break the rule not to nominate anyone. Please feel free to take the award all my versatile blogger friends. Love you always ❀

Take care,

xoxoxoxo Khloe

Blossoming Flower

201A faburlifekhloe

As many of you know that I hasn’t been really happy since my mood has been dramatically affected by the loss of my uncle. In fact, I’ve become more emotional nowadays because there were way too many sad incidents happened to my family and Β life struggles happened in the past few years. It is what gets me realized life is too short. I must do something that makes me truly happy. Therefore, I choose to make art to express my emotions and thoughts. To me, art is a wonderland where I can transform a blank canvas into a colorful world which I envision to see…I can express my million complicated feelings without even talking…I can paint whatever I want without being judged by the blank canvas…The creativity will always be remained in me.

The digital artwork I made this time is exactly a wonderland to me. It is a wonderland which I envision to see in my life. Although the sad incidents and my own life struggles happened in the past few years have dragged me down for a while, I believe it is not the end of my life. In fact, I believe it is a new beginning of my life. Without bitterness, I will never know what sweetness tastes like. Without failure, I will never know what success is. Without life struggles, I will never know what I truly want. I know all of these happened will never be able to stop my life from blossoming just as the Khloe you and I see from the artwork standing firm in the middle of a blossoming flower. The more the difficulties I experience, the stronger I am. The more the cruel reality turns my life into black and white, the more vibrant I will color my life. Choosing Amsterdam as the artwork background not only reminds me of the good memories I had when travelling to Amsterdam, but it also symbolizes that bad time will be flamed to dust and good time will always be here with me.

Although the artwork was initially made to encourage myself to stay positive, it isn’t dedicated to myself anymore. It is made for all of us now. I hope the artwork helps you out and puts a big smile on your face when dealing with ups and downs in your life. I also hopeΒ  to see how your life blossom as a colorful flower. Here I am sending my sincere thanks to you who always brighten my day with your love and continuous support. I love you all my beautiful souls! ❀ Hugs and kisses to you ❀

Stay positive and smile always,

xoxoxoxo Khloe πŸ™‚