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As an adult, we have countless responsibilities either from personal life or at work. Sometimes, we wish we could rewind the time back to our childhood and thus we would be back to the world with minimal responsibilities. I was one of them who had the same thoughts, especially when looking at this photo. It took me back to the time when my parents took me to different places to have fun almost every weekend. As my parents didn’t care my grades much, so I basically didn’t study much. I was just having fun every single day. I wasn’t scared of anything also even I got terribly burnt by boiling water when I was around 4 years old. It left an obvious scar on my left face. Everyone in family was really worried at that time and even sought for an advice from a doctor if I could proceed to have a plastic surgery to cover my scar. The doctor didn’t recommend it at all since I was too young to do so. I’m glad the scar has been fading pretty well year after year and it’s not very visible now. 😉  This drama didn’t stop me from trying anything. However, majority of us learn to protect ourselves more as we grow. We start to be scared or worried if we haven’t done things perfectly. We are basically scared of facing failure. Therefore, we are unable to live freely and often wish to go back to childhood. It looks like we want to escape from the reality.

Such thoughts of mine has completely disappeared when I was looking at my grandma one day. She is  currently 91 years old. She looks much younger compared to those at the same age. She is always full of energy and still shouts at my cats loudly when they get naughty. I can’t recall a time when she is scared of something. I remember back when she was close 80 years old and still wanted to take a roller coaster ride. Obviously, we stopped her from doing that and I  asked her why she was always excited for thrill rides. She told me that there was no thrill rides when she was younger and we only live once in our lives. Hence, she wishes to try as many thrill rides as she could. Her bold and fearless attitude got me thinking the escape from reality is not necessary. The only matter is your perspective and attitude towards reality. No matter the end result is good or not,  there is no harm in trying. At least we have no regrets in the end. 🙂

Stay motivated and positive ❤ ,

xoxoxoxo Khloe

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