Day 5 – 5 Day Black & White/ Monochrome Photo Challenge

Day 5 Black and White Photo first

Ever since I started blogging here on WordPress, I noticed that my life has gone more vibrant than what it is. I got to see different parts of the world through all the gorgeous pictures captured by all of you brilliant photographers. It took me on a trip after trip with full of surprises and excitements. I got to see all the amazing art pieces created by all of you creative artists. It took me on a ride through one of the most incredible art galleries I’ve ever seen. I got to read all the wonderful stories and poems written by all of you talented writers. It allowed me to live in a world of fantasy. I got to try out all the delicious recipes posted by all of you amazing chefs. It sensationalized all the food I tried out from your lovely recipes. Most importantly, I got to be surrounded by a pool of talents who put all your heart and soul to do what you love inspired me to do the same. I’m thankful for having all of you as my dear friends who inspire and support me each and every day. I’m even more thankful for having JK as my lovely friend who took this picture of me and also the one who noticed the artistic side of me. You motivated me to create artworks and take pictures when there was no one believed I could do it. You were the one who took many pictures of me and initiated the idea of making digital art pieces with me out of the pictures we took in Amsterdam. What you did to inspire me was definitely the motive which encouraged me to open a WordPress account initially to share whatever I’ve experienced with the world. Without what you did to me, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to meet all my talented friends here. I truly am blessed to have all of you as a part of life ❤  Billion thanks to you and JK! 🙂


Magical Instant Boost


I always try my best to stay as positive as I can, but I must say I also have one of those days not feeling my best…feeling moody…feeling a bit down…Whenever I encounter such an unpleasant mood attack, I usually take eating as a kind of therapy to cure my mood swing. The day I shot this picture was exactly the day I was feeling a bit down because I wasn’t really happy with my job searching situation.  So, same as usual I just wanted to eat. I felt like eating fish meat siu mai all of the sudden even I just finished having late lunch not long ago. The moment I stepped outside the train station to go buy siu mai was when the magical moment happened. I saw a marvelous sky doing its dancing show beautifully. Seriously,it has never happened in where I live before. I felt like God has well listened to my inner voice which he knows how much I love beautiful skies and therefore he made it happen to uplift my mood. I’m honestly blessed and grateful for this wonderful gift. It somehow told me no matter how bad the situation can get, there is always something positive waiting for you. 🙂

As promised before, riddle answers will be posted this week. Here it is:

1. Dragon

2. Goat/Ram/Sheep

3. Thermometer

Congratulations to those who got all of them right 😉

The Power of “Yes I can!”

207 faburlifekhloe

People who have never done yoga in their lives or even yoga beginners often find yoga challenging and intimidating. Their first reaction to advanced yoga postures usually are “not a chance”, “there is no way I can do this”, “never going to happen”, “I wish I could do this”, etc. The list of believing how impossible it is to do it can go endless.

Believe it or not, I’ve also gone through the same phrase when I first started doing yoga. I was scared of falling. I was scared of injuring myself. I was basically scared of trying any of the advanced yoga postures. I was stuck at doing the same basic yoga postures for a year and a half. I couldn’t get myself proceeded to the next level. I started to question myself trying to figure out where the problem was. Keep thinking whether I wasn’t strong enough to handle the advanced postures or I wasn’t flexible enough to do the postures. The problem was I didn’t believe in myself. There were always some negative pre-assumptions running on my mind. What if I couldn’t do it? What if I injured myself badly? What if …?

As soon as I started to tell myself “Yes I can!” before attempting to do the advanced postures, I got it done usually in 1 to 2 weeks. It wasn’t a story telling me how flexible I am (In fact, I was born with a moderate flexibility only). It wasn’t a story telling me how great I am at doing yoga. It wasn’t a story telling me how crazy my body can be. It was actually a story showing me the power of “Yes I can!” and how our mindset can change the way we react.  Obstacles in life are often as challenging and intimidating as the advanced yoga postures. We can either choose to stay in a comfort zone by believing how impossible to conquer the obstacles or to believe in ourselves by saying “Yes I can!” to let go of our fears and start facing. We always have a choice to choose, but the result will end dramatically different.

Stay strong and positive,

xoxoxoxo Khloe 🙂

Inner happiness

C faburlifekhloe (1)

For the longest time of 17 years without studying hard, I thought I would never attempt to study hard ever after.  However, my studying style has completely turned upside down ever since I chose to study overseas. The moment I stepped into a classroom with foreign language, I was extremely scared and puzzled. I felt like I made the biggest mistake of my life. I wish I had never asked my parents allowed me to study overseas. I knew I couldn’t take back the promise I made to my parents, so I chose to study hard to catch up with the modules. I have to admit that it was by far the hardest time of my life. Studying 80% of the subjects I had never studied before with foreign language was incredibly difficult for me, especially I was the one who had never attempted to study hard in the past. Therefore, I decided to put my heart and soul with tripling efforts on studying and it  was the time when I started to study day and night like a crazy nerd. After a few months of studying crazily, I started seeing results. I became one of the top 3 students in majority of the subjects I studied. I could taste how sweet the fruitful moment was resulted from the hard work I put. That sweetness remained in my head which pushed me to study even harder in order to taste it continuously. Somehow I was addicted to such sweetness which had become an ego of me. I couldn’t care anything else, but the results. I forgot how enjoyable the studying process can be. I forgot the beauty of daily life. I even forgot to care about my inner happiness.

It eventually took me a few years to realize the importance of inner happiness. Chasing for the results can give me instant excitement and happiness, but it can never last forever. These feelings can be very illusive just like externalities can be changed very rapidly. You can never hold it tight and make it stay the way it is forever. On the contrary, inner happiness can conquer whatever changes on the outside. Look at the digital artwork my friend and I created. We used cool tone colors which are not often the popular colors associated with happiness. However, I was incredibly happy on the inside and the feelings of happiness was very intense till a point where the cool tone colors had no effect on changing it  from a happy image to a sad image. Inner happiness also helps protect you from negativity. It is inevitable to avoid experiencing negativity in our lives. The negativity of our lives was being portrayed as the noises attacking me in the background. However, the level of happiness I had didn’t change a bit due to the fact that my inner happiness had already tuned itself into a big scarf I worn like an armor to protect me from negativity. I’m glad I can finally enjoy my life now due to the power of inner happiness and get to understand why many advocate “happiness comes from within”.

P.S. Thank you everyone for being patient with me since I took a break traveling to Thailand! ❤ I’ll try to upload my traveling photos in a few weeks. Stay tuned for that!!! 🙂

Stay positive and smile always,

xoxoxoxo Khloe

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B faburlifekhloeHi everyone! Hope you all are doing well! 🙂  After finishing “The Journey of Self-Discovery” series, here I am again introducing you the latest digital artwork “Gratitude” my friend and I created.

Before I jump into the artwork, I would like to tell you something about myself. I’m an emotional person who easily shows any type of emotions  on my face. I can’t really hide anything at all. I love to smile and I laugh hard on stupid little things of daily life. If something really upsets me, I will cry like a baby.

This artwork has perfectly shown my emotional personality. I was laughing so hard after having an ice-cream for no reason at that time. I laughed too hard till a point where I had to cover my mouth to avoid disturbing others at the same restaurant because of the noise my crazy laughter made. I was very happy that a  good friend of mine captured that special moment of mine before we turn it into a digital artwork. Some people might think I’m such a weirdo who laughed so hard after having an ice-cream for no reason and now even turned it into an artwork?!?! Well it is much more special than anything to me. It not only captures a moment of my life which can be a part of my good memories, but also teaches me a lesson of gratitude and how simple my life can be. Having an ice-cream might seem like something ordinary and there might be some people having it on a regular basis. However, there are so  many people who haven’t gotten a chance to try an ice-cream. So many people out there are in need of food, clothing, water…struggling  to live…It reminds me to be grateful for what  I have. It also tells me to cherish a moment like this can make my life simpler than I thought it would be. Making my life this simple can bring me an abundance of joys. The vibrant color combinations of reddish orange, yellow, purplish pink, orange were being used in this artwork to depict the abundance of joys that I have ever since living my life simple. The purpose of making this artwork is to remind myself to be grateful for everything I have and help others in need wherever I can. Simultaneously, I would like to deliver the same message to all of you.

Hope this artwork makes you all happy and have a wonderful day! 🙂

If you are interested in the artwork my friend and I created/ you have any questions, please feel free to email/comment in the comment section.

xoxoxoxo stay happy and positive Khloe

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Entire series of “The Journey of Self-Discovery”

Photo grid faburlifekhloe

Hi everyone! 🙂  How are you doing?  As you know I’ve already finished an entire series of “The Journey of Self-Discovery”, I want to show you all how the whole series look like altogether. I also wonder which one is your favourite or you actually like all of them?

E faburlifekhloe  F faburlifekhloe

  A faburlifekhloe

Please click the links below for the stories behind these artworks if you are interested:

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If you are interested in the artworks my friend and I created/ you have any questions, please feel free to email/comment in the comment section. Stay tuned for the upcoming artworks. 🙂

Stay strong and positive as well xoxoxoxo Khloe

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