Good News and Bad News

I’m sorry guys! I haven’t been keeping up with your blogs for a while since I got pretty busy lately and my neck pain came to attack me again 😦 I didn’t know how worse it gets until my hands have become numb majority of the time and my hairdresser’s assistant told me that my neck has become a bit swollen. I seriously need to take a longer break from blogging and concentrate on having my neck pain treatment. I hope you all understand my situation! But, the good news is I’ll be travelling to Porto (Portugal) next Saturday partly because of my temp job. I’ll also be enjoying my time there apart from working. Honestly, it is a dream come true to me. I’ve been wanting to go to Porto ever since I came to know this place two years ago. What makes it even better is I’ll try to take lots of photos in Porto and share with you all after my trip (hopefully my neck pain will be healed after my trip also). If everything goes well, I will be back to blogging again in mid June. 🙂

Take care all my friends!!! 😉

With love,

xoxoxo Khloe ❤ 🙂